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      This forum topic is for the general discussion of VoIP and VoIP Implementations using the SproutTel products. Please feel free to discuss implementation strategies, Phone System deployments or any other VoIP related conversations.
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    • Transferring Calls using the 3CX Phone for Windows Softclient

      In this section, we show you how to transfer calls using the blind and attended methods within the 3CX Phone for windows. Transfers using the BLF Keys on 3CX Phone for Windows ​
    • 5 Things you need to get started with VoIP - With Infographic

      VoIP or Voice over IP (the Internet) can provide you and your business a wide range of benefits including reduced line rental and call costs, through to flexible working arrangements and increased productivity while using a VoIP enabled Phone System. ...
    • SproutTel SIP & STUN Settings - FAQ

      SproutTel SIP Trunks have been tested and confirmed working with a range of SIP enabled products. To find out if your equipment has been tested with SproutTel, please contact our support team on 1300 1 TELCO (83520). SIP Settings SproutTel SIP Trunks ...
    • What internet speeds are recommended for VoIP (Voice over IP)?

      When looking into VoIP, there are a number of considerations which should be taken into account which go beyond basic internet speed tests. As outlined in our post, 5 Things you need to get started with VoIP - With Infographic, factors other than ...
    • 3CX - SIP Trunks

      The purpose of this guide is to outline the recommended process for setting up SIP trunks within 3CX which have been provisioned and supplied by SproutTel Step 1: Download the provider configuration file.  This file contains pre-set configuration ...